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Adjuvant / Spreader / Sticker


Adjuvant is nothing but the Silicon Based Non Ionic Surfactant. Adjuvants have many uses. Our Adjuvant reduces the surface tension of aqueous media and helps in even spreading. It is also used as emulsifier, spreader, sticker, wetting agent, buffer, dispersing media.

This is surface acting and activating agent. Though it is non pesticide material it increases the performance of pesticide by penetrating chemical in plant tissues. Use of adjuvant reduces the required quantity of agrochemicals & foliar fertilizers.

Adjuvant is mostly popular among farmers by its use full sticking property in rainy season.

Rate of application : 0.25 ml / Ltr of water


Form Colour Nature Packing
Liquid milky white aqueous solution 50 kg. carbo
Note: Though adjuvant is in liquid form, it is measured in kilograms because of its vicious nature.