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Amino Acid (H2NCHRCOOH)


Amino acids are the building blocks of Proteins and proteins are the main component of the living cells. There are various classes of Amino acids while only L-Cystine is essential for us to increase productivity of crop.

Amino acids are absorbed either by roots or by stomata on leaf. It performs a metabolic function which includes transportation of absorbed nutrients to leaves for photosynthesis and dispatching the food material synthesized in photosynthesis to whole plant body. Enzyme activities of amino acids keep the translocation path (xylem & phloem) clear.

Technically Amino acids are known as Protein Hydrolysate and locally known as organic nitrogen. It is a precursor of plant harmones like Auxins, Ethylene & Arginine. As we know, Argenine is very important for flowering & for fruit settting.

Amino is also used as chelating agent for all micronutrients. Amino acids used in agriculture are derived from animal waste or from soybean.

Rate of application : 1gm / ltr of water


Form Colour Solubility Nature Packing
Animal biscuit 100% water soluble free flow powder, hygroscopic 20 kg. paper bag
Soya golden yellow 100% water soluble free flow powder, hygroscopic 25 kg. paper bag
Note: Both animal & soya base amino acids are available in 50% as well as in 80% also.