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Formulations / PGR


Gras Agro manufactures wide range of Formulations and Plant Growth Regulators as per your need, demand and crop.

Amino acids are absorbed either by roots or by stomata on leaf. It performs a metabolic function which includes transportation of absorbed nutrients to leaves for photosynthesis and dispatching the food material synthesized in photosynthesis to whole plant body. Enzyme activities of amino acids keep the translocation path (xylem & phloem) clear.

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Some of our regular formulations........

  1. Soya Special
  2. Onion Special
  3. Banana Special
  4. Drip Special
  5. Sugarcane Special
  6. Cotton Booster
  7. Easy Flower
  8. Growth Shooter
  9. Bahar Bahar
  10. Root Master