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Fulvic Acid


Fulvic acid is locally known as Potassium Fulvate. It has very small molecular size so it gets very easy entry into plant body. Hence it is used as chelating agent for nutrients. Fulvic acid is the main constituent of all Plant Growth regulators (PGR).

Fulvic is popular due to its power full electrolytic property. It maintains very good water & salt balance in crop. This balance improves the rate of photosynthesis. Also stimulates the cell division and elongation. This reflects in fastest growth of crop.

As it maintains the moisture, seed germinates faster and further crop becomes draught tolerant. Detoxification is the unique advantage of Fulvic. It removes all kinds of pollutants from soil.

Rate of application :


Form Colour Nature Packing
Powder brown free flow powder, hygroscopic 25 kg. bag