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Humic Acid





Humic acid is the principal component of the Humus. Humic acid mostly comprises of the decayed remains of the tropical rain forests which existed million years ago. Technically it is known as Leonardite Extract.

Humic acid is widely known for its rich content of Organic Carbon. Root development is the main function of humic acid. White root development results in maximum absorption of nutrients. Stronger & dense root system helps in achieving maximum yield.

Fulvic content in Humic energizes the cell activity and increases the life of tissues. Humic increases the microbial activity in soil and replenishes the depleted soils.

Rate of application : 1gm / ltr of water


Form Colour Solubility Nature Packing
Flakes blackish brown 98% water soluble non hygroscopic 20 kg. paper bag
Powder blackish brown 98% water soluble non hygroscopic 25 kg. paper bag
Liquid blackish brown 100% water soluble aqueous solution on request