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Seaweed Extract





Seaweed extract is obtained by the aquatic plants in fresh as well as in the marine water. Main component of seaweed extract is Algenic acid.

Quality of seaweed is measured by the amount of Algenic acid present in it. Algenic acid is the natural source of vitamins, auxins, gibbrellins, antibiotics and trace elements. Seaweed extrct is widely used for its soil conditioning property also.

Results of Seaweed application reflects with shining fruit colour, luster on leaves, quality of produce and increased immune system of crop. Seaweed extract also acts as antibiotic agent for plants.

Rate of application : 1gm / ltr of water


Form Colour Solubility Nature Packing
Flakes black 100% water soluble non hygroscopic 20 kg. paper bag
Powder black 100% water soluble non hygroscopic 25 kg. paper bag
Gel black 100% water soluble Gel On request
Note: Both animal & soya base amino acids are available in 50% as well as in 80% also.