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Second most significant molecule found in earth crust is Silicon. Plant can absorb Silicon only in form of Mono Silicic Acid. We facilitate you with silicon in form of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

Tissues of monocot plants comprises of 5% - 10% of Silicon which is higher than Nitrogen & Phosphorus. It prevents crop from lodging. Foliar application of Silicon delays the attack of Phytopthora fungi causing Powdery Mildew.

As our silicon is 99% dispersible in water, it can be used as filler / carrier for all types of fungicides & pesticides. Nowadays weightless silicon (highest grade) is becoming a good substitute to talcum base used in various agrochemicals.

Rate of application : 1gm / ltr of water (Drip & Foliar)


Application Colour Nature Packing
Soil off white quartz powder 40 kg. plastic bag
Foliar snow white 300 mesh 50 kg. plastic bag
Drip & Foliar snow white weightless powder 25 kg. plastic bag
Granules redish brick spherical granules 40 kg. plastic bag
Note: Drip & Foliar grade silicon is available in 25 kg plastic bag & it acquires a space of 120kg bag.